A voice-based technology sold as a means of detecting emotions and deceit. LVA was developed in Israel by Amir Liberman, owner of Nemesysco, Ltd, and is sold in the US through Voice Analysis Technologies in Madison, Wisconsin. The LVA software operates on a laptop computer and applies numerous algorithms to the voice signal to assess a wide range of factors. The company has a very assertive promotional campaign. The company also attempts to distance this technology from the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) in part because of reports of poor validity for the CVSA, and the different approach to analysis of voice data. Research on the LVA has found its validity to be poor to none. See: Damphousse, Pointon, Upchurch & Moore (2007); Harnsberger, Hollien, Martin & Hollien (2009); Hollien & Harnsberger (2006).