One of the most commonly used formats in the Backster Zone Comparison Technique. The standardized test addresses a single issue and a single degree of involvement in the issue. The format provides for two or three relevant questions, worded slightly differently from one another, addressing the single issue and degree of involvement. It also requires a repeat of the relevant question-wording in the sacrifice relevant question. The You Phase ZCT is a very powerful test because it is so highly focused on essentially one question. An example of You Phase question wording is: sacrifice relevant—“Regarding whether or not you shot Henry Jones, do you intend to answer truthfully each question about that?”; relevant 1—“Did you shoot Henry Jones?”; relevant 2—“Did you fire the shot that caused the death of Henry Jones?”; relevant 3—“Last Friday night, did you shoot Henry Jones?” At this writing, the technique has been inadequately researched.