Marc Bester has achieved the remarkable distinction of being named Examiner of the Year for the second consecutive year. This honour, awarded by a panel of experts, underscores his unwavering dedication to ethical practices, professional excellence, and significant contributions to the polygraph industry across multiple countries.

A Pillar of Professionalism

Marc Bester’s exceptional professionalism and ethical conduct have garnered widespread acclaim. Over the past year, he completed four advanced courses accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA), enhancing his already extensive expertise. His commitment to ongoing education ensures he remains at the forefront of the industry, providing top-tier service to his clients.

Clients consistently praise Marc’s thoroughness, honesty, and accuracy, resulting in numerous five-star reviews. His ability to build trust and deliver reliable results has solidified his reputation as a leading examiner in the polygraph field.

Mentorship and Training

Marc’s influence extends beyond his personal achievements. He has been instrumental in training and mentoring new examiners, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. His guidance helps shape the future of the industry, ensuring that new examiners uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Leading the Charge Against Misconduct

Marc’s commitment to ethical practices is exemplified by his leadership in a major investigation aimed at rooting out unethical and illegal activities among examiners in the UK. His relentless efforts led to the exposure and punishment of two examiners involved in serious misconduct.

Marc secured recorded admissions from one examiner who confessed to working with criminal syndicates and conducting fraudulent tests for money. He also uncovered evidence against another examiner who falsified reports, accepted bribes, and falsely claimed membership in a professional association.

These examiners faced severe repercussions, including lifetime bans from multiple polygraph associations and warnings from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for defamation and spreading false information online. Marc’s dedication was crucial in ensuring the integrity of the polygraph profession.

Ongoing Efforts and Recognition

The APA continues to investigate these issues, highlighting the ongoing commitment to maintaining high ethical standards in the polygraph industry. Marc Bester’s unwavering pursuit of justice has significantly contributed to purging the industry of unethical practitioners and reinforcing the importance of integrity in polygraph examinations.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Marc has once again been named Examiner of the Year. This accolade reflects his tireless efforts, ethical conduct, and profound impact on the polygraph community.

Honouring Marc Bester

We extend our sincere congratulations and gratitude to Marc Bester for his exemplary work and dedication. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to ethical practices continue to elevate the polygraph profession. Marc’s achievements set a high standard for all examiners to follow. Thank you, Marc, for your outstanding contributions, and congratulations on being named Examiner of the Year once again!