The Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED) stands as the association of choice for professional polygraph examiners across South and Southern Africa. Championing honesty, integrity, and the spirit of Ubuntu, SAPFED embodies a commitment to fostering unity within the polygraph profession.

By offering its members a collective voice, SAPFED empowers them to express the unique and diverse multicultural facets of forensic psycho-physiological detection of deception in Southern Africa. In doing so, they contribute significantly to the science and practice of forensic psycho-physiological detection of deception facilitated by polygraph techniques.

The mission of SAPFED encompasses several key objectives:

1. Advancing Professionalism: SAPFED promotes the highest standards of professionalism in forensic psycho-physiological detection of deception, in line with international best practice.

2. Facilitating Unity: The federation provides a united national and international platform for its members, enabling them to make significant contributions to the field of forensic science.

3. Enhancing Expertise: SAPFED offers its members opportunities for continuous learning and development, fostering expertise and professional confidence within the national and international forensic sciences arena.

4. Encouraging Diversity: The federation actively encourages individuals from previously disadvantaged groups to join the profession, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

5. Advancing Public Image: SAPFED is dedicated to enhancing the public image of its members and ensuring they provide the best possible service to the broader public in the region.

SAPFED is also proud to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – South African Chapter (ACFE SA). The ACFE is a leading anti-fraud organization offering premier anti-fraud training and education worldwide. By signing this agreement, the ACFE acknowledges SAPFED as a self-regulating association for all Polygraph Examiners, affirming that all SAPFED members adhere to the professional standards, Code of Ethics, and Bylaws applicable both in South Africa and internationally.

This partnership allows SAPFED members to attend ACFE training at member rates, creating a collaborative learning environment. The minimum standards established by the ACFE SA are in line with SAPFED’s standards, ensuring that all members adhere to these guidelines when employing the services of a polygraph examiner in South Africa.

This commitment to professionalism, integrity, and unity reflects SAPFED’s ongoing mission to elevate the polygraph profession in Southern Africa, setting a high bar for international practices.